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Paintless Dent Repair Techniques

If you own a vehicle, chances are you have experienced dents and scratches at some point or another. You may be a cautious and alert driver, with a perfect driving record, but the truth is that the majority of dents and dings come from other drivers. You can park at the furthest spot in the lot from other vehicles to lower your chances of dings and dents or scratches from other cars, but you can’t completely escape the inevitable. All too often you come out to your car after shopping and notice a new dent in the door, obviously from another vehicle’s door that was opened too wide. So, what do you do now? If you don’t know how to properly take care of this situation, it can go from bad to worse. Don’t let an inexperienced person try to fix it – including yourself! – or it may end up looking worse than it did before.

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Instead, turn to a skilled team of dent repair specialists. And look no further because you’ve found us! Our team of skilled technicians have many years of experience and work hard to make your car look like it did when it was new. No dent or scratch is too big or too small for us. We will assist you every step of the way. All while providing you with great customer service, fair prices and results that you can see. Rest assured that your vehicle is safe with us. Don’t wait, call today to schedule an appointment!


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Servicing the Greater Greensboro Area

We are there for you, no matter where you work or live. We offer our services throughout the Metro Greensboro area as well as the surrounding suburbs of McLeansville, Monticello, Summerfield, Colfax, Jamestown and all areas in between. Make your dent repair painless and hassle-free by stopping in or calling for an appointment. Otherwise, let us come to you with our mobile repair unit.

Mobile Services Unit
We will gladly come to you. It may be a hassle to bring your car in during your busy schedule. Whether you are in the city or a suburb we’ll send our mobile unit to you! Our mobile services cover a wide area from Colfax in the west to Sedalia in the east. Give us a call to schedule the most convenient location to meet you.

Call us to work out which convenient location works best for you. We want this to be as hassle-free for you as possible.

paintless dent repair

Dent Removal and Repair Services

Hail Dent Removal

The smaller the dent, the easier the repair. Don’t allow those small dents from the last hail storm to get you down. Our expert technicians know how to get your car back looking good again, with our quick and easy repair.

Bumper Repair

Fender benders are the number one way to get a ding or a dent. Busy traffic, rubbernecking and other distractions along the road are the leading cause of fender benders. Additionally, it may not be a small accident that dents your bumper. You might pull too close to the parking curb or even back into the trashcan on your way out of the driveway. Whatever it is that happens, our technicians have been trained to repair all kinds of bumpers including both semi-rigid and rigid. They are able to repair dents, scratches, scrapes, indentions and more.

paint scratch repair

Car Paint Scratch Repair

If some of your paint has come off, our technicians will decide which repair technique is right for you. Sometimes it is just the clear coat over you paint that has been damaged. In this case they may suggest a simple removal or the scratch may be too deep and need to be filled in.

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Door Ding Repair

Other repair companies may believe that painting over a dent is the best way to fix it. However, we are confident that paintless dent repair is the best way to get the best results. We won’t just fill in or cover up your dent, we will reverse it and keep your paint intact. No need to spend more money on an expensive paint job. Just let our highly-trained professionals pull the dent back without ruining your original paint. Reversing the dent, instead of just covering it up, will keep your car looking new. Unresolved dents that have been filled with paint might cause problems down the road. Let us show you how to fix it right the first time!

Don’t leave these repairs to just anyone. Feel confident knowing that our highly-trained team is experienced in all the best techniques to bring your car back to new.

Customer Reviews

I couldn’t believe how quickly they were able to remove my dents and it’s not even noticeable!
– Jim F., McLeansville

Highly recommend. Great fast service and nice people.
– Maureen C., Burlington

I’ve got my beautiful dent free car back again. Excellent job guys. Thanks…
– Phillip B., Sumerfield

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