frequently asked questions about dent removal

Common Dent Removal Questions

Can I Remove the Dent Myself?

No matter how small the dent seems, there is always a possibility of damage to the vehicle if repairs are done improperly. You need to have the right tools and the correct knowledge to be able to remove a dent without causing further damage. Otherwise, the repair will end up being costlier because you will not only have to fix the original dent but also any additional damage caused during the repair process. If the damaged was worsened and cannot be repaired, it will de-value your vehicle.

Are All Types of Dents Repairable?

The truth is not all dents can be repaired. Some dents are too difficult to access. Also, some parts of a vehicle have panels that are thicker than the rest of the other paneling. It is in these thicker areas that dent removal is next to impossible to repair.

Will the Dent Repair Cause Damage to My Vehicle?

In some cases, if the paint is chipped or if there is a bad crack, attempting to repair a dent in the same area can actually cause more damage to the vehicle. Paintless dent removal is the only solution for keeping your vehicle’s paint intact.

Can I Use Those Cheap Dent Removal Kits Being Sold Online?

The kits may work if you possess the knowledge on how to use them properly, but for an average user, these products will only cause more damage than they are worth. The reason for this is that many of the kits use the glue method of repair which takes far more experience to master than other repair methods. If you are ever in doubt always seek out a professional for help.

Can I Follow One of Those Online Tutorial Videos That Uses a Plunger?

Most plungers are too large in design to pull out small dents. In some cases, the plungers may cause more of a problem and not repair the existing one. Since modern vehicles are made with thinner steel than older models, using the wrong amount of pressure can be detrimental to your repair job. If you’re going to use a puller, be sure it fits the dent exactly.

What’s the Average Wait Time to Have a Dent Repaired?

Generally speaking, the average wait time to have a dent repaired is not long at all. However, this depends on how many dents your vehicle has, their sizes, and the location or locations on your vehicle. In short, if the dent is small it is safe to assume that it will take about 30 minutes to complete the repair. More complicated dents will require anywhere from one to three hours.

Can Dent Repair of Greensboro Fix Hail Damage?

Paintless dent removal (also known as PDR) can repair dents caused by hail. It is also the preferred method of most insurance companies when hail is the cause of damage to a vehicle. In turn, it also aids in maintaining the value of your vehicle because the PDR method does not damage the paint.

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