how dent removal works
If you are wondering how paintless dent removal works, the process is fairly simple. Smaller sized dents and dings don’t need extensive repair since they don’t damage the metal beneath the paint. What this means is that both smaller sized dents or dings are easily repaired without using any sort of paint or fillers.

In the past, dents were repaired by filling them in with paint or auto body filler. While these fixed the problem, you could still see where the previous damage was located since the paint from the repair job did not match the original paint color of the car. This was generally considered the “cheaper” fix but not the best.

Paintless dent removal is best performed by highly-trained professionals who are have spent many hours learning how to use proprietary tools that restore your car back to its former glory.

How We Remove Dents From Your Automobile

Do you have a dent in your car? The process of dent removal can be achieved either one of two ways: pulling from the exterior of the vehicle or pushing from its interior. It should be noted though, that an assessment will need to be made before determining which service should be employed

One of the solutions is to use a specially designed tool called a dent-puller. Similar to a suction cup, the tool is attached to the paint of your vehicle. The tool’s handle is slowly guided along so as not to damage the paint on your vehicle. Some heat may be applied to soften the panel in order to remove the dent completely.

In some cases, the dent may need to be removed from the inside of the car. It is definitely best to not do this yourself, it’s always best to have professionals perform this method as it can cause further damage your vehicle if done incorrectly.

Dent Removal Tools We Use

To be successful in removing many different types of dents, we use two specific tools: dent glue pullers and dent pushing tools.

The tools we use will be determined by the way in which the dent needs to be removed (from the inside or out).

There are two types of different dent pullers:

Dent Suction Pullers

A suction puller works much like a suction cup. It attaches to the dent, and as you pull upwards on the handle, the dent is removed. The process is simple, but the technique is important and must be performed precisely.

Dent Glue Pullers

Glue pullers are fairly simple to use. There is a tab that has a screw attached to it. Another tool is placed over the screw and attaches to it, then the tab is slowly guided up and away from the dent to remove it from your vehicle. A special solution is then applied to remove both the glue and the tab.

We Also Use Dent Pushing Tools

To properly utilize a pushing (aka massage tool) the vehicle’s interior panel must be opened or removed completely in order for your vehicle to be dent free.

On occasion, we may use up to 10 different rods to get your vehicle back into tip-top shape. They include but are not limited to:

  • 2 ft Fender Rod
  • 2 ft Large Hook
  • 2 ft Small Hook
  • 3 ft Double Bend Rod
  • 3 ft Hail Rod
  • 3 ft Single Bend
  • 4 ft Double Bend Rod
  • 4 ft Hail Rod
  • 4 ft Single Bend
  • Big Bertha Rod

Additional Dent Removal Materials

Dents can be tricky to get out. Sometimes heat and pressure may need to be applied to remove the dent completely. The amount of one or both will be different for every car, and each must be handled accordingly.

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